Checkout Process

How is the ordering process

The first thing to do is to familiarize yourself with the terms of cooperation, delivery and payment.
Next, you need to register on the site.

Only registered users can add goods to the cart!
As soon as we put the first item in the cart, a window pops up to fill in the registration data.
We fill in the first name, last name, contact phone number (preferably with whatsapp and always with the country code), country, your e-mail, and come up with a password. Press the "Register" button.
For already previously registered users, you just need to log in by clicking on the "LOG IN" field and enter your username and password.

We fill the basket with the necessary goods up to the minimum order amount and place an order by clicking on the "Basket" in the upper right part of the site. Be sure to correctly fill in the full name, delivery address and whatsapp phone number with the country code. If you have your own cargo, then check the box “cargo address” and enter the name of the cargo and your code

You can choose a product from the main assortment, hits and new products. There are also factories on the menu, which are separated from the main assortment. Factories have their own minimum order amount and best prices.
Having entered the basket, we carefully study the contents of the basket: color, cost, number of packages. To the right under the list is the total amount, including packaging and delivery to cargo. You can adjust the quantity of goods, remove unnecessary items.


You will receive an email with your order details.

And in the near future the manager will contact you to confirm the order and select the payment method. You can get acquainted with the methods and terms of payment at the link

During the assembly of the order, our specialists will contact you to clarify the details of the order in order to avoid re-sorting.

After we have collected the goods, on the same day we send the goods to the carrier of your choice. If you do not have cargo, then we will offer you delivery options.
Delivery times and costs vary depending on your country and chosen carrier.