Minimum order - $300

Recommended shipping weight within the European Union 25-30 kg

We deliver the goods anywhere in the world, by any transport company (Cargo) chosen by you.
If you do not have your own transport company, we will offer delivery options to your country.
Information on price, terms, possibility to send branded items
You can get it when placing an order.
We collect the goods and transfer them to the cargo company for further work with you.
If you have other delivery options, we can send it to you in a way convenient for you.
Shipping is paid by you separately to the freight company.
The transport company is responsible for the delivery of the goods.

AUTO delivery involves longer delivery times, and the order should not contain branded items (images of unicorns, Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters, NIKE, Adidas and other branded goods)
Delivery is carried out as follows:
-CARGO AVIA delivers cargo to the capital of your country.
- Upon arrival of the goods in your country, a representative of the Cargo service will contact you,
informs about the arrival of the cargo and its weight.
-You transfer the CARGO payment for delivery and coordinate the delivery
local transport services to your city at the rates of your country.
You can get any information and place an order,
by contacting our managers
by phone/whatsapp:

+90 544 181 08 08