distance sale agreement

ARTICLE 1 - Parties to the Agreement

1.1. Party providing the service ("Seller")
Name: Bebek Clothing
Address: KazImkarabekır mh 2.burç sk no.2-4
Phone: +90 545 724 90 18
Email: [email protected]
1.2. Party using the service ("Customer")
Full name / Trade name:

Article 2 - Subject and scope of the treaty

The subject of this agreement is the determination of the rights and obligations of the parties in relation to the sale and supply of goods / services specified in the agreement with the sale price, which the buyer ordered from the seller in electronic form on the seller's website. The Buyer declares and acknowledges that he is aware of the main characteristics of the goods / services, the sale price, the method of payment, the terms of delivery, etc., and confirmed this information before ordering the goods / service in accordance with the terms of this agreement. The preliminary information provided on the payment page of the site is an integral part of this agreement.

Article 3 - Costs of Delivery and Execution of Delivery

Shipping costs are borne by the buyer. If a seller has stated on their website that they will pay shipping for those who purchase more than the advertised amount, then the seller bears the shipping costs. Delivery is carried out as soon as possible after the goods are available in the warehouse and the amount of the goods is credited to the seller's account. Unless it becomes impossible to fulfill the ordered product or service, the seller must deliver the product or service within 30 working days of the order. If the amount of the goods / services is not paid or canceled in the bank records, the seller is considered released from the obligation to supply the goods / services. In case of impossibility to perform the delivery of goods or services, the seller informs the buyer within 3 (three) days from the date of receipt of such information and returns all payments received, including delivery costs, within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of notification.

Article 4 - Payment, Ordering and Documentation

Payments made in relation to the Services provided, purchased through the Internet site, are made through the online payment system. Online payment system means a system that ensures that the Client is charged for the service purchased by him on the website of the Service Provider by credit card, debit card or other online payment methods supported by banks and organizations performing payment transactions with which the Service Provider cooperates in in accordance with the conditions specified on the website. The order is considered to be fixed after the Participant successfully makes payment by the payment method chosen by him. In the event that the Service Provider works with the confirmation option within a certain period of time, the order data will be reviewed by the Provider within that period of time. If the order is not confirmed, it will be canceled and the Client will be notified of this, and a refund will also occur. Regardless of whether the Buyer is an individual or a legal entity, the Seller invoices the total amount, including VAT, to the Buyer. The cost of services indicated on the site, as well as the relevant government fees, will be indicated in the document drawn up by the Seller as the Total cost of services.

Article 5 - Representations and obligations of the Buyer

The Buyer confirms that he has read the preliminary information provided by the Seller about the basic characteristics of the product or service, the sale price, the method of payment, as well as the cost of delivery and freight indicated on the Site, and confirms his consent and statement that he is aware of that his order signifies an obligation to pay. The Buyer confirms his correct and complete information about the address, the main characteristics of the goods or services, including the price, including taxes, information about payment and delivery, as well as the cost of delivery, which should have been provided by the Seller to the Buyer before the conclusion of the distance agreement, by confirming this Agreement and Preliminary information in electronic form. If a bank or financial institution associated with the Buyer fails to pay the seller the cost of the goods or services due to unauthorized or illegal use of the Buyer's credit card through no fault of the Buyer after the delivery of the goods or service, the Buyer must return the goods or service to the Seller within 3 (three) days. In this case, the costs of delivery shall be borne by the Buyer. The Buyer agrees and undertakes to provide on the Site all the necessary information that is required for the proper performance of the service in accordance with this Agreement. From the moment of receipt of payment from the Buyer through the online payment system, payment is considered made and the obligation to pay the cost arising under this Agreement is considered fulfilled. The Buyer can address needs and complaints as a consumer using the above contact details of the Seller.

ARTICLE 6 - Non-compliance and legal consequences

If the Buyer fails to comply with his credit card obligations, he is obliged to pay interest and is liable to the bank with which he has entered into a credit card agreement. In this case, the relevant bank may apply to the court, demanding reimbursement of all costs and fees for the services of a representative in the case from the Buyer. In any case, if the Buyer does not fulfill his duty and violates the terms of the contract, he is liable for all losses and damage caused to the Seller.

ARTICLE 7 - Notices and contract of evidence

Buyer and Seller agree that the correspondence addresses indicated at the beginning of this distance agreement are valid notice addresses and that all notices sent to that address will be deemed valid. Buyer also acknowledges that Seller's official and commercial records, and the electronic data and computer records it maintains in its databases, servers, etc., will serve as the binding, final and exclusive evidence in all disputes arising out of actual agreement.

ARTICLE 8 - Entry into force

This contract, consisting of 8 articles, was concluded and entered into force on the date […] by approval by the Buyer in electronic form.


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