• Nov. 6, 2023
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How to increase sales in your store

10 ways to increase sales in a clothing store

Running a clothing store can be a challenge, especially in today's competitive retail world. However, there are several effective ways to increase sales in your store and strengthen your position in the market. In this article we will look at 10 methods that will help you achieve success.

Sell ​​more products

Increasing sales volume is not only the key to increasing profits, but also a way to enrich the customer experience. There are several smart strategies that can help you achieve this goal without imposing anything on your customers, but by offering them a unique experience:
1) Offer an additional item. Instead of simply selling a product, offer the buyer an additional item that goes well with the one he or she has chosen. For example, if a client chooses jeans, offer them a T-shirt or hoodie that matches the jeans style. This will not only increase sales, but will also make the purchase more productive for the customer.
2) Provide package options. Consider creating combination offers, inviting customers to purchase two or three items as a package deal. For example, offer a white and blue cardigan as a pair that will perfectly complement the client's wardrobe. Add an incentive such as an additional discount when purchasing a package.
3) Use marketing techniques. Support your proposals with light psychological motivation. For example, announce the arrival of a “new batch” of goods or an upcoming sale. These marketing tactics will help create urgency and motivate customers to make more purchases.

Actively offer related products

In the world of clothing retail, there are many related products that can become an integral part of the look: belts, suspenders, scarves, socks and much more. However, the question is not only the availability of these products in your store’s assortment, but also their active offer to customers.
Actively offering related products is a manifestation of attention to customer needs. Sellers should be prepared to offer a belt that goes well with your chosen jeans, or a stylish scarf that complements your new dress. It is important to approach this with respect and show interest in the client's needs.
Don't give competitors the opportunity to steal your sales. Offer related products with passion and customer care. This will not only increase sales, but will also make your store more attractive to visitors who will appreciate your attention to their needs.

Update your assortment in a timely manner

To attract customers and stimulate sales, it is important to regularly update the assortment and replenish it with trendy items. Buyers need to see that you are constantly adding new products. You can also update your storefronts and visual design of your online store. Follow the trends of the season and adapt to them. Visitors will follow your updates with interest, which helps increase sales. This is one of the main methods on how to promote a clothing store .

Avoid lack of sizes and selection

Having a variety of sizes is an important part of a successful clothing retail business. Regular updates and a variety of sizes help not only increase sales, but also create a positive perception of the store. Customers will appreciate your willingness to offer them a variety of options, and if they have a choice, they will come back to you again. Don't forget that not having the right sizes and products can discourage customers and send them to your competitors.

Call sleeping clients

This method can be extremely effective if you have a database of customer contacts and carefully keep statistics on their purchases. Use data from the last six months or a year to identify those customers who have not visited your store for a long time. Call them and try to find out why they waited so long to make a purchase.
When making a call, you need to have strong arguments, otherwise clients may not believe or understand your motivation. Tell them that you have new arrivals and would like to share this information with your regular customers.

Introduce discount cards

The psychological aspect plays an important role, since people always strive to save money. Therefore, in most cases, if a customer has your discount card, he will prefer to make a purchase from you.
It is better to increase sales with a discount program than to worry about losing profits when offering discounts to regular customers.

Implement a bonus program

Don't know how to attract customers to a clothing store ? You can use a bonus program to guarantee an increase in the average check and, therefore, overall sales.
Determine the average bill per customer and add an additional 30% - 40% to this amount. Figure out what products or services you can offer for free as bonuses if the customer reaches a set goal. For example, these could be socks, belts, stuffed animals, wallets, binoculars, or something completely different. The main thing is that the value of the bonus matches the purchase amount.
Create effective copy to offer bonuses. Calculate the difference in profit between the usual average check and the increased purchase amount.
This method motivates customers to increase their purchases because they see a clear benefit in achieving a set goal. It is important that the bonuses are attractive and their value corresponds to the level of purchases.

Carry out promotions

An important way to increase sales in a clothing store is to run attractive promotions. Regardless of your personal opinion about them, promotions are effective in motivating customers to increase the amount of their purchase:
3 for the price of 4: Offer customers three items for the price of four. This is a classic option that encourages you to buy more goods than planned.
Pre-New Season Sale: The time before the start of a new season is a great opportunity for promotions. You can offer discounts or gifts when you purchase two or more items. This will allow you not only to increase sales, but also to make room for a new collection.
Gifts and discounts through promotions can be relatively inexpensive compared to advertising costs, making them a profitable tool for increasing sales at your clothing store.
Take your clients' contacts
Why is having contact information for customers who have made at least one purchase so important to increase sales in a clothing store? The fact of having contacts in itself does not increase sales, but using them correctly can significantly increase the effectiveness of your business.
If you don't collect contacts of your customers, you have to constantly spend money on attracting new customers through advertising. Selling to your existing customers is 5-7 times cheaper than finding new ones.
It is important to interact with your customers, find out their needs and interests. Create a system of periodic calls, inform them about new products, keep in touch. This way, they will remember you and prefer to make a purchase from your store and you can increase sales in your clothing store.
Call the customer after purchase
Calling a customer after a purchase is a sign of caring about him. It also increases customer loyalty and encourages repeat visits to the store. Customers will appreciate your attention and come back to you again, and you can increase sales in retail.
Let me illustrate this with a comparison: imagine that you have made a major purchase, for example, bought an expensive smartphone or laptop. No one called you after the purchase to find out how you were doing and whether you successfully set up the new device. Probably no one did. But if the store where you made the purchase called you and expressed interest, what would your opinion of them be?
This method creates a positive brand perception, increases customer loyalty and, as a result, increases sales and profits for your store.